Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Paint It Black

My goal for this painting is to draw a black object and show the reflection on it. I accomplished it by mixing basic colors together to make the one I wanted, and then drawing it based on the picture I had. What surprised me most about this painting is that when you do the oil painting, it will show a different textures if you use different ways to add pigment on it. For example, when I drew the background, I had all brushstrokes starting at the same side which made it really smooth. However, when I drew the shoe I used very dry pigment and put the color on unevenly. This helped me show the texture of an old shoe, which is not as glossy as a new one. My painting is about colors and reflections. The most difficult challenge I faced while painting was to draw the dirty part of the shoe. I met the challenge by using an extremely dry brush with white to draw. It will make the part it drew look hazy. I experienced artist thinking by mixing colors of my own. I had to try many times to find the one I really needed. My painting really works in the shadow and reflection of the shoe. I used different shades of red and blue to show the shadow, and I added red and blue reflection on the shoe since it was influenced by surrounding. From this work, I have learned more about oil painting and how to draw reflections on it. I like the one Ciana painted. I got the picture from her so we did the same object. I like the way she used color, which replace black with another one she mixed from red and blue. If I had a do-over, I would make a change on the small blue part of the pool ball to reconcile with the white part and make it more realistic. I feel best about the shoe and its shadow.