Sunday, November 27, 2016


Leftover of the light in the darkness

                                                    Leftover of the food

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Light in the Night

I took the picture in the late night. It's one of our jpg challenge photos of "Into the Night" and it's about a light near garage. I chose this one because it looked really beautiful in black and white. When I turned it in charcoal, we can see the light is the brightest part and it made a small part of the wall behind it bright too. But rest of the parts are really dark, you cannot even see the details. Therefore, the drawing formed a big contrast, and people will be easily engaged by the light, which is the center and the name of the drawing.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Carry-out carton and chopsticks

For this work, my goal is to draw people's attention to the carry-out box through chopsticks. I accomplished it by giving a specific location to chopsticks. I made the chopsticks lean on the box vertically, which can lead your eyes from the bottom of the picture to the center(carton) since the chopsticks are thin and long. My painting is about the light and the shadow and the composition. The most difficult challenge for me was to draw the shadow on the box. I met the challenge by drawing it step by step. I drew each part of the box slowly and kept making modifications to make it look better. I feel my drawing really works to show the shadow and light, since the box is really three-dimensional which looks like a real one not just a picture. From this work I learned about shadows. I learned from Nancy about the values, because she made them really clear and contrast to each other. The shadow of box is really dark, the floor is light, and the chopstick is kind of in the middle. In my class Jessica's painting is really impressive to me. Her chopsticks in the drawing attract people's attention successfully. I think there are mainly two reasons: first is that the chopsticks are so long that have reached the bottom of the picture, and second is that her chopsticks contrast to the background greatly. I learned from her about the composition and the value. If I had a do-over I would use charcoal to draw it again. I feel best about the shadow in my drawing.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Pretend its yours

I pretend Carol's work was mine. In the work my goal is to show the shadow of the pumpkins and make the drawing look as real as possible. I accomplished it by making the shadow really dark, which contrasts to the surrounding and help the picture look really three-dimensional. My painting is about shadows, composition, and backlighting. Backlighting lets me be able to show values very well , and the good composition makes my pumpkin really attractive. The most difficult challenge for me was to draw the values on the pumpkin. Since the values are really complicated, firstly I observed the pumpkin carefully, and then erased some parts hard to make the highlight and some parts comparatively lightly to make the transition. I feel my drawing really works to show the shadow and value. From this work I learned about shadows. And I found that if I left a big white part which contrasts to the dark shadow, it really helps show the reality of the drawing. If I had a do-over I would make the outline of the pumpkin vines more clear. I feel best about the shadow and the composition in my drawing.