Monday, November 7, 2016

Pretend its yours

I pretend Carol's work was mine. In the work my goal is to show the shadow of the pumpkins and make the drawing look as real as possible. I accomplished it by making the shadow really dark, which contrasts to the surrounding and help the picture look really three-dimensional. My painting is about shadows, composition, and backlighting. Backlighting lets me be able to show values very well , and the good composition makes my pumpkin really attractive. The most difficult challenge for me was to draw the values on the pumpkin. Since the values are really complicated, firstly I observed the pumpkin carefully, and then erased some parts hard to make the highlight and some parts comparatively lightly to make the transition. I feel my drawing really works to show the shadow and value. From this work I learned about shadows. And I found that if I left a big white part which contrasts to the dark shadow, it really helps show the reality of the drawing. If I had a do-over I would make the outline of the pumpkin vines more clear. I feel best about the shadow and the composition in my drawing.