Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mentor Pages

This is my work of two-page oil pastel. I chose Peggi Kroll again as my mentor. Firstly I picked a painting of her, and then zoomed in to find a specific area to draw. I chose the spoon and part of the tea pot. I drew them in black and white by pencil on the left page, and it was about credit card size. Then I drew a whole page oil pastel one on the right page. I chose Peggi Kroll because I like the way she uses color in her paintings. For example, she put a little red on the handle of the green tea pot. It is the reflection of the red tea cup around it. She made a contrast, which helped add attraction for the picture, by doing this. I like her painting also because the colors she uses are all in a harmony with each other. This makes the picture look very comfortable.

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