Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oil Pastel Painting

This is the picture of my oil pastel painting. My goal is to show the reflection on the smooth surface of the object. For example, the lipstick tube in drawing is supposed to be silver. But since I put all of stuff on a green board, it just turned into green. Also, because the ball is next to the lipstick, it reflects part of the ball as well. I accomplished it by drawing a small one on the sketch book and then copy it to the paper. What surprised me the most is the cover of the lipstick in my drawing, which is made of plastic and is translucent. It cuts the shadow of lipstick in many pieces, and adds some different colors for the shadow of the ball too. The existence of the cover really makes the painting look good! My drawing is about shadow, reflection, and highlight. The most difficult challenge is to draw the ball. I spent a whole class finishing it. First I just gave the ball a color of red and yellow, and then I found a line on the ball which is the darkest part of it. After that I just made some transition between dark and light, so the picture wont look too conspicuous. In the end, I found the lightest part and added a small highlight there on the ball. I think my drawing really works on the reflection. In this drawing, I learned that the original color of an object can be influenced by the surrounding stuff. In our class I feel Josh really did a good job. He showed the texture of lipsticks and the shadow of the ball successfully. Also, I like the color he chose. It made a good contrast with his background. If I could have a do-over, I will try to make my drawing clean on the blank space. I feel best about the shadow and the reflection of my work.

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  1. The ball is done beautifully. "The original color of an object is influenced by the colors around it" PERFECT